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Our Story Cube process delivers the right-first-time adoption strategies, messaging, and timing that innovative products and services need to succeed, as the speed of innovation grows exponentially, and technology life cycles are compressed.

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Story Cube Service

We create stories that inspire the adoption of innovative products and services by identifying, reaching, and engaging your target audiences. Our retainer-based Story Cube service spans the innovation life cycle, and includes strategy, messaging, story creation, social media content distribution and promotion, and media partner development.

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Why Story Matters

In writing for startups and global enterprises—in mass media and online niches—we found that well-written, engaging, personal stories consistently outperform speeds, feeds, and statistics. Storytelling is also the most effective format to communicate the “minimum virtuous product” qualities sought by early adopters of new tech innovations.

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Our free Innovation Traction blog and newsletter covers adoption issues within the innovating organization and with external audiences. It provides insights to help teams plan and execute forward-focused strategies, and examples of how innovators and change agents are using storytelling to connect with target audiences and break down the barriers to adoption.

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We're bringing world class strategy, planning, and creative services to innovative organizations from our base in Central Florida.


Align story strategy with innovation adoption life cycle

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Our Story Cube method

We align your innovation stories along the “4 T’s” - the key attributes to successful adoption—Target, Topic, Timing, and Tone.