Susan Scrupski

contemplating world domination

Susan Scrupski is the Change Agent’s agent

Hi. I’m Susan Scrupski. I founded SoCo Partners to apply what I’ve learned about innovation adoption to help organizations improve lives and change the world through innovations of their own. This is a lofty goal, so I am departing from the standard “bio” format to provide some of the reasons that SoCo Partners, under my leadership, is up to the task.

I started my consulting career tracking the IT services market, focusing primarily on the large-scale systems integration market which morphed into the outsourcing market in the early 90s. As a regular columnist and pundit, I enjoyed my share of fame and was particularly interested in the megadeal market for large, billion dollar IT outsourcing deals and the cast of characters that made the market move. I was widely quoted in the mainstream media (MSM), including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Businessweek.

When the internet moved into the IT services sector, it got my attention because staid industry leadership were suddenly acting like hormone-driven teenagers and jumping into pre-IPO startups like Scient, Viant, and iXL, and trying to reposition old client/server integrators like Lante. It was an exciting time (1999), and I abandoned the outsourcing market to follow the trend. Fun presentation on this here. I published some first-mover research on the sector, eventually sold my company, and joined a 1.0 dotcom startup myself.

Fast forward to 2006. I became a pioneer in the second generation enterprise social web movement and one of the leading voices to inspire large companies to explore new organizational methods for collaborating socially. I was the first woman to be invited to join the Enterprise Irregulars bloggers group that year. I participated in the inaugural Office 2.0 conference, and the following year, I helped organize the Enterprise 2.0 track for the Office 2.0 2007 conference. I then became a founding member of the advisory board for TechWeb’s Enterprise 2.0 conference.  

All of this visibility presented the opportunity to seize first-mover advantage and create a business that filled a new niche. I founded The 2.0 Adoption Council in 2009. It was one of the first communities to help early adopters introduce social collaboration concepts and technologies to their Global 2000 organizations. The Council was acquired in April 2010 by the Dachis Group, an Austin Ventures portfolio startup later acquired by Sprinklr. Around the same time, I was named as one of Fast Company’s “Most Influential Women in Technology.”

I followed up by founding Change Agents Worldwide in 2013—an organization dedicated to changing the world of work. We brought a formidable team of experts who view themselves as Change Agents together in a worldwide community that practices what it preaches. I sold the business to our Australian partner, Simon Terry, in 2015, and I’m still an active part of the network.

In 2015, I founded Big Mountain Data, a social enterprise that applies data-driven solutions to address the social epidemic of domestic violence. I’ve also been serving on a Data Science board at the University of Central Florida for a couple years. I have an interest in helping women in tech and pursue opportunities to support women’s STEM programs.

Now, I’ve founded SoCo Partners to apply the communication strategies, methods, and technologies that I have found effective in building awareness and adoption of innovative products, services, methods, and ideas.

At the heart of all my ventures, and the market innovation I introduced with each company, was a story.

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