Susan Scrupski

Susan has a career history advising CEOs, founders, and senior management. As a leading analyst, she studied successful companies and had an insider's view of the markets she tracked. Additionally, she launched and sold a series of her own successful startups. Strong storytelling has been key to every facet of her professional journey. [Read the long bio]


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Our Philosophy

We're interested in working with hard-working, innovative startups and teams interested in trying something new.  Are you exploring new markets, new products, new approaches that disrupt paradigms or introduce big ideas to strong sectors?  That thrills us.  We are with you. 

We've done the same many times over the course of our careers, and can lend our expertise and share your passion for your work.  We want to see you succeed and grow.  

We're particularly interested in technology and organizations that improve the world we live in and provide a better quality of life for everyone on the planet. 


Keith Patterson

Keith has been a Silicon Valley ad agency copywriter, creative director, agency founder, and software entrepreneur. He developed his storytelling chops as editor of Voodoo, the humor magazine at MIT. Keith and Susan work as a team and are known to finish each other's sentences.



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